• How To Enhance Your Child’s Sleep Routine

    January 8, 2020
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    With the first week of 2020 well underway, we seem to be collectively adjusting to new sleep patterns with our post-holiday alarm clocks returning us to early waking hours. And as any parent knows – a sleep deprived household makes for a more stressful environment.

    Not only does sleep play an important role in a healthy home and lifestyle; proper sleeping patterns also set your child up for better success at school and in their sports performance. Which is why NHTC would like to offer you both the understanding as a hockey parent, and some simple tips on ‘How To Enhance Your Child’s Sleep Routine’, keeping your child performing at their best, and parents along with them!

    The Reality of a Hockey Parent’s Interrupted Sleep

    Any hockey parent knows about the reality of early morning practices, which normally happen at least once a week. This “right of passage” requires perseverance – both on the child’s part and on the parent’s part.

    Then, as your child ages, there is also the reality of late night away games. And if you have more than one child in the sport, you could very well be dealing with both early mornings and late nights in the arena at the same time.

    We get it! And this type of understanding is extended to your entire family, as we know the impact it has on everyone. We are here to help you and your child as they transition, making it all part of the fun – and challenge, to create positive sleep habits for and with your child.

    Tips to Enhance Your Child’s Sleep Routine (while you still can!)

    Set an Internal Clock…by ensuring your child goes to bed and wakes up at roughly the same time every day (including weekends), will also better ensure they are getting the rest they need regularly.

    Create a Bedtime Routine…plenty of downtime before the lights go out will help your child wind-down from their day, and avoiding such things as video games and digital devices will increase their ability to sleep restfully.

    Rework Their Bedroom…a child’s bedroom is often a place of play, but it also needs to be a place of rest. By making simple changes to a space – such as putting up curtains to curb too much light, finding the right pillow and blanket combo for a warm and comfortable sleep, investing in a white noise app to block out sounds that might be keeping them awake, or installing a night light and leaving water at their bedside – will all help to create an environment that promotes sleeping and prevents excuses for them to get up during the night.

    Maximize Sporting Activities…physical activity, whether within organized sports or just some good old-fashioned “get out and play” time, will also help your child have a restful sleep. Just ensure that the activities are not right before bed.

    Pre-Bedtime Snacks…kids will often complain of being hungry once bedtime rolls around, which we know is often just an excuse to stay up. So as part of your bedtime routine, include a health sugar-free snack that will ensure they are full and excuse free.

    At NHTC, we are all about balancing the sport of hockey with healthy sleeping patterns, eating habits and a whole lot of family time. We are here to help you encourage your child in their personal and physical growth, and would be happy to discuss all of our programs with you at your convenience, setting your family up for a successful and fun 2020!