September Scheduling & High Performance Hockey Training

High Performance Hockey Training

Welcome to September parents! A time to celebrate your child’s growing independence and opportunity for in-class learning. As well – a time for September Scheduling and High Performance Hockey Training!

For some, schedules might feel like a constraint. While, for others, it may be embraced as an opportunity for growth. Which aligns with our growth mindset here at NHTC; providing a place where kids can learn and grow in a positive environment.

We feel that scheduling and high performance hockey training go hand-in-hand. We are here to help guide your young athlete through a variety of skills, skating techniques, on-ice ‘battles’ and the art of competition – with the help of Coach Ryan Carignan!

Ryan is a lead instructor and founder of Ryan Carignan Hockey Development and our High Performance Hockey Coach, delivering a variety of hockey training classes to help your athlete advance quickly in their technique of choice, as follows.

High Performance Hockey Training

Our skills class is a high energy class with a focus on skating, puck control, and shooting. It is designed for hockey players that are confident in their skating ability, using on ice manipulatives (attack triangles) and shooting blockers.

During each class, Coach Ryan will be focusing on skating, puck control, shooting, puck protection, passing, receiving a pass, deking, and compete drills.


Our power skating class is a high energy class with a focus on proper technique and repetitions. Skaters will get lots of reps and correction during the power skating class, along with small class sizes to maximize their one-on-one time.


Seeking to help your young athlete benefit from a fast paced, high intensity setting? Players will learn all the ways to battle and be put into game situation drills.

The focus of these classes will be to work on small area games and puck protection. As well, Ryan will drill into how to play on the boards, engagement, battling and competitive skills.

Curious to know more about NHTC’s High Performance Programs with Ryan Carignan? CLICK HERE or call us at 604-534-7825 to discuss!

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