• Taking a Moment to Say – THANK YOU!

    October 8, 2020

    In today’s social climate, a genuine “thank you” can go a long way. And NHTC would like to extend exactly that to all our staff, customers and athletes.

    We can all likely agree that the past, good part of a year, has been challenging. From a complete halt in school and, for some, work, as well as the changes amidst communities and all that often makes up a community – it’s been, a lot.

    As a business who thrives off healthy minds and bodies and is passionate about gathering for a good old-fashioned game of hockey, the changes we have had to make to keep every safe over the past few months, have been noticeable. Both physically – in distance and smaller group sizes, as well as emotionally – with higher levels of stress or disappointment. But, we’re here to tell you there’s hope, and we’re handing it out in the form of hockey!

    Fun & Safety Combined

    While we might all occasionally complain about non-compliance with Covid guidelines, in a variety of establishments including our own; overall, our people and those coming in have been fantastic. There’s been an amazing balance in helping our athletes stay active, while also ensuring they are staying safe, happy and healthy.

    Small Class Sizes Means Minimal Space

    It is true, however, that we have had to substantially reduce our class sizes, and many hopeful customers are having to be turned away when they try booking with us later in the season.

    Although we are all in a similar storm, not knowing what tomorrow might bring; planning for the future is one way to ensure you DO know, and our hockey classes in Langley are the one thing you can book ahead and count on.

    Full Refunds – a Way We Are Providing Peace of Mind

    With all the “Covid confusion” you might hesitate to commit to the usual hockey season for your kids, but we are here to both assure you and encourage to do exactly that. This may be the best way to help your kids manage this season of confusion in a safe and healthy way, giving them an outlet to be free, be kids – and still be safe.

    Also, rest assured that we have safety nets in place and full credits or refunds available if there are any changes needing to be made due to school, minor hockey regulations or Covid health and safety policies. We’re prepared and on it, so you can simply sign up – and enjoy!

    So, again – a BIG THANK YOU and a repeat reminder to sign up soon to secure your spot this fall. We appreciate you all and are here to help you get through this time with a little added fun to balance out a lot of difficult changes, and look forward to seeing you soon!