• Celebrating Love and Highlighting Hockey Parents!

    February 6, 2019

    We often hear about the competitive outbursts of Canadian hockey parents instead of celebrating the vast level of time, money and other such sacrifices that go into helping a child succeed at this sport. Which is why we would like to take the time to highlight the love we see in our hockey parents here at NHTC, and celebrate their loving pursuits to ensure their son or daughter shows up on the ice in mind, body and spirit!

    Hockey Parents – Help Instill Passion

    Having a passion for something – anything – in life is paramount, and at NHTC, we see the passion our parents have for this sport and for their kids.

    This passion is displayed through the dedication they offer, cheering on the kids (not only their own) from the sidelines, allowing for tough training moments to shape character without interfering with a referees decision, and paying for private ice time and coaching to provide every avenue for success in this sport.

    Hockey Parents – Sacrifice

    Although it is not only the sport of hockey that parents sacrifice time and money for, hockey does tend to be known as one of the most financially demanding, as well as requires parent participation in very early morning games, weekend tournaments and extra training during holidays to get their son or daughter onto the ice and into the game. These sacrifices are noticeable and notable!

    Hockey Parents – Display Patriotism

    Patriotism is defined as: ‘the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country’. And when it comes to the sport of hockey, nothing is more uniquely, patriotically Canadian than the “good ol’ hockey game”.

    At NHTC, we believe that any positive form of “patriotic belonging” matters, and having a place to play out passion, can help to mold individuals who show up for life in ways beyond the sport of hockey.

    In the media arena, where hockey has received a bad rap for creating competitive tyrants, we see the exact opposite on our ice. Instead, we see love in all its forms: sacrificial love, passionate love, patriotic love, generous love – and more. All in the name of hockey, providing parents with a positive outlet to help their kids grow, achieve and succeed …and for that, we celebrate our hockey parents!

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