Fall Programs


This program teaches the fundamentals of skating in a positive and encouraging environment.  The skills learned throughout the program will provide skaters with the basic skills and techniques to continue into Hockey, Ringette, or Skating for Recreation.

Players will be evaluated and placed in groups according to skill level, from Beginner to Advanced.  During these sessions, players may be moved as they advance.  Parents may join their beginners on the ice, until independence is obtained.  Parents must wear a helmet. For ages 3 to 5 years.

CSA approved Helmets, Skates & Gloves are required.

Session 1 – 8 Weeks – $125.00

SaturdaySept 8-Oct 271:00-1:45 pm
SundaySept 9-Oct 289:15-10:00 am
MondaySept 10-Oct 293:30-4:15 pm
TuesdaySept 11-Oct 3010:00-10:45 am
ThursdaySept 13-Nov 11:00-1:45 pm

Session 2 – 7 Weeks – $105.00

SaturdayNov 3-Dec 151:00-1:45 pm
SundayNov 4-Dec 169:15-10:00 am
MondayNov 5-Dec 173:30-4:15 pm
TuesdayNov 6-Dec 1810:00-10:45 am
ThursdayNov 8-Dec 201:00-1:45 pm


This program is for players who can already skate or have graduated from our “Learn to Skate” program.  It is designed to teach a combination of skating, puck control, and teamwork as an introduction to hockey.

Players will be evaluated and placed in groups according to skill level.  Players may be moved as they advance. For ages 3 to 5 years.

Full Hockey Gear is Required.

Session 1 – 8 Weeks – $125.00

SaturdaySept 8-Oct 271:45-2:30 pm
SundaySept 9-Oct 2810:00-10:45 am
MondaySept 10-Oct 294:15-5:00 pm
TuesdaySept 11-Oct 3010:45-11:30 am
ThursdaySept 13-Nov 11:45-2:30 pm

Session 2 – 7 Weeks – $105.00

SaturdayNov 3-Dec 151:45-2:30 pm
SundayNov 4-Dec 1610:00-10:45 am
MondayNov 5-Dec 174:15-5:00 pm
TuesdayNov 6-Dec 1810:45-11:30 am
ThursdayNov 8-Dec 201:45-2:30 pm


This program builds on the skating fundamentals of hockey and ringette.  Players will develop skills in balance, strides and crossovers along with stops, starts and acceleration techniques.  For players who have completed the “Learn to Play” programs or have some experience in hockey or ringette. For ages 4 to 6 years.

15 Weeks – $245.00

Hockey & RingetteSundaySep 9 - Dec 168:15-9:15 am

14 Weeks – $225.00

(No Class on Halloween)

HockeyWednesdaySep 12 - Dec 193:30-4:15 pm
RingetteWednesdaySep 12 - Dec 194:15-5:00 pm


Designed for Men and Women at the beginner/intermediate level of hockey looking to improve their hockey and skating skills.

15 Weeks – $295.00

SundaySep 9-Dec 167:00-8:00 pm


with Robin Trainor

This program is designed to hone the skills required to become an accurate and proficient shooter while building a player’s confidence to maintain and control the puck in every situation. Development will begin with instruction on proper shooting and puck possession techniques then progress to more focus on speed, accuracy, power and control. For ages 8 to 12 years.

15 Weeks – $295.00

SundaySep 9-Dec 166:00-7:00 pm


with Jody Meadows

We will be offering small group Power Skating to young ringette and hockey players with Jody this fall. She truly is one of the best at teaching strong skating fundamentals. The small group setting will enable Jody to do what she does best, give quality technical direction with individualized reinforcement and correction. All of the important dynamics are taught, including balance, strides, crossovers, stops, starts and acceleration techniques. This class will be limited to a maximum of 12 Skaters. For ages 7 to 10 years.

15 Weeks – $295.00

HockeyFridaySept 14-Dec 213:30-4:15 pm
RingetteFridaySept 14-Dec 214:15-5:00 pm


Power Skating and Skill Development with 3 on 3 Hockey Format

This 1.25 hr program combines power skating and skill development with 3 on 3 action. For the first 30 minutes players work on specific skills such as skating, stick handling, passing and shooting, followed by 45 minutes of exciting 3 on 3 scrimmage.  The goal of this program is for players to learn basic hockey skills while implementing them in a fun and interactive team environment. Goalie instruction will be  provided.

15 Weeks – $295.00

Ages 5-6 yearsSaturdaySept 8-Dec 152:30-3:45 pm
Ages 7-8 yearsSaturdaySept 8-Dec 153:45-5:00 pm