Alternative Ways to Specialize in the Sport of Hockey

At National Hockey Training, hockey is clearly our sport of choice – and we provide various forms of training for a wide-range of athletic skills, which also includes Private Training and Mental Training to increase you or your child’s abilities to learn ‘Alternative Ways to Specialize in the Sport of Hockey’!

Get In the Game

Visualization is used in a lot in sports, and it plays a part in helping a person focus their energy into picturing an outcome and/or play they want to execute. Professional athletes are encouraged to use this technique regularly, creating focus and preparing them to get in the game.

The Benefit of Role Playing

Fashioning yourself after an athlete you admire is another great motivator in sports. Whether looking to your favourite Vancouver Canucks player, or being inspired by an alternate athlete, “method acting” in hockey can help you to step onto the ice with a mindset of confidence and put you in character.

This type of alter ego can benefit you as long as it’s done in a manner that is healthy for your sport, and can help in determining your style on the ice without losing touch with ethics.

Create Personal Affirmations

Excelling in any area, including the sport of hockey, requires positive self-talk, which can be conducted through creating affirmations you repeat to yourself in order to be your own best cheerleader.

Whether it’s a simple title or slogan such as: “I Am a Warrior”, or you have multiple mantras you repeatedly run in your mind such as: “I Am Confident, I Am Skilled, I Am an Excellent Hockey Player” …whatever it is you repeat to yourself in confidence, can truly help you in your sport of hockey.


Prioritizing your mental space plays an important role in hockey, so when you’re on the ice – ensure you are actually focused on the game. Not only will this help you relieve overall stress, it will also help you to be laser focused on the moment and the training going on in front of you.

Your brain functions on immediate tasks, while the subconscious is always on autopilot. So when you are on the ice, try and put everything into focus, and be present when you are playing your sport.

Whether you want to start your child in ringette training, wish to put them into higher level hockey training, are looking for private hockey training or are curious about mental training, we offer all of these areas and more …and look forward to helping you or your child reach their goals and benefit from the team sport of hockey!

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