Healthy Habits Hockey Can Help You Create for 2020

josh monk

Seeking ways to enhance your life both physically and mentally for 2020? We might be bias, but at NHTC – we feel as though hockey just might be the right fit, and here’s why!

Burn Calories, Lose Weight, Have Fun

The fast-paced game of hockey burns a ton of calories courtesy of the short bursts of energy it requires as you play. Much like interval training, these types of short energy bursts burn away calories and melts away fat along with it.

If your goal is to lose weight in 2020, doing so while playing the game of hockey is a fun method to go about it – and NHTC is here to help facilitate that!

Boost Your Metabolism for Long-Term Results

People will often hit the gym hard for a few weeks after the new year, but then quickly lose interest as familiar habits begin to re-emerge.

Becoming a part of a hockey team, however, keeps you accountable and in the game until the seasons through. Plus, during this time your metabolism will gain momentum, helping you to burn additional calories even when you’re NOT on the ice. And that’s what we call – a win/win!

Improve Your Strength, Stamina and Sleep

Playing hockey will quickly help you develop your hamstrings, calves, glutes, core – as well as your upper body. It will enable you to slide your way into increased strength, build upon your endurance, and tire out your body so you can rest well at the end of the night.

Grow Your Friend Circle

Social media was somewhat intended to connect us; instead – it has very much distanced us all physically from one another, leaving people actually feeling isolated and alone.

So why not change this, and turn 2020 into an “active participation sport”? Become the leader of your friends group, seek to get the guys or girls together, and participate in a good old-fashioned game of hockey. It will enhance your physical AND mental health in ways you may not have expected, while providing you with hours of fun all at an affordable price!

When one thinks of hockey, they may think of fistfights, body checks, concerning dental mishaps and so forth – but unless you’re a high-level athlete, it is not the rough contact sport we all see on T.V. Rather, it is a fun and beneficial way to spend your time in 2020, and NHTC is here to help provide you with the ice rentals in Langley to facilitate that fun!


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