• Professional Hockey Dreams and ‘After Hockey’ Dreams – Can and Do Come True

    November 7, 2020

    Not to drop any names (so we won’t), but NHTC has been thrilled to play a part in at least 10 – that we can recall, NHL hockey players and a goalie getting their start in the great Canadian national sport of hockey.

    As a well-known hockey arena in Langley, we are the go-to ice rink for hockey programs, ringette, and skating classes that serves athletes and families from across the Lower Mainland who have been a part of helping us in our success – and us in theirs!

    NHTC – Grateful for Our Hockey ‘Hall of Fame’ Affiliation

     Not only have we had the pleasure of training up past and present NHL players, but also many other pro hockey players across North America and Europe.

    It is truly like being part of a proud family having a hand in someone’s hockey career success, training them from a child and then watching them transition into college hockey and the WHL, while even gaining such benefits as a WHL Canadian University Hockey scholarship.

    We have always been, and continue to be, thrilled with these such hockey ‘hall of fame’ affiliations!

    Your Success is Our Proud Moment

    The success stories are plentiful, and the pride is palpable, and we are proud to remain in contact with many professional players to this day, enabling us to share their stories with our current players, and those who come into skate on our ice. Everyone certainly enjoys hearing about those who came before them, who worked hard and rose up to become something and/or someone they admire.

    We reserve our greatest pride and satisfaction not only professional hockey players who are on the receiving end of admiration and accolades here at NHTC but the many other great success stories of those who have graced our ice with their blades include successful individuals in other fields such as – Accountants, Firefighters, Lawyers and Teachers, Business Owners, Engineers, Moms and Dads …and even two Doctors that we know of.

    These are titles well worth mentioning and being proud of, having dedicated their time on the ice to gain their own level of success, and move into areas they feel confident to represent.

    Success comes in many forms; for some it’s the NHL and for others it’s leveraging all they learned in terms of teamwork and perseverance, working hard, competing, losing and winning – then applying this to a successful career or lifestyle choice.

    As Winston Churchill once said: “success is moving from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – and we couldn’t agree more.

    Enthusiasm goes a long way at NHTC, and ensuring fun is added into our hockey training and ice time, contributes greatly towards any game and every success in life!