Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue – NHTC Has Hockey Training for You!

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With ‘May Flowers’ being the historic tagline following ‘April Showers’, we thought it fitting to stay in-step with this theme, while bringing a little humor into our headline. Very much like what we aim to offer while coaching hockey – bringing a balance of skills and smiles alike to the ice!

Balancing Hockey Training While ‘Blooming’ Summer Fun

At NHTC, we believe in training hard no matter what the season; but summer tends to be the season where parents are pushing their kids to train extra hard, utilizing this time away from school as a more focused time to train.

Having your child focus on their sport of choice will definitely help them succeed within it – not only on the ice, but in life as well. That being said, balancing their focus on hockey training with free-form fun during the summer, will better ensure they also maximize important childhood “rights of passage”; running through a sprinkler, swimming at a local watering hole, or just having free time to spend with friends as they see fit.

Grow, Blossom, Repeat

Hockey is an excellent sport in which to gain cardiovascular endurance, balance and flexibility, while increasing confidence and making friends in a positive environment.

The environment we aim to have is exactly that – positive, with the desired outcome resulting in growth through hard work and constructive coaching, while taking the time to help kids blossom through fun and not just functional training.

Helping your kids grow, while ensuring they are having fun, is why parents and kids alike have come to love NHTC as their chosen Langley Hockey Training location – and we’re thankful to be a part of a team who can say that!

NHTC – Not Just Hockey Training, Ice Rentals Too

May is also a great time for budding relationships to grow, and we offer a fun and affordable environment to do so within our Ice Rentals in Langley. We provide a mid-sized rink for your men’s or women’s hockey team, birthday party’s, church groups, family skates, company gatherings – and more!

Curious to know more? CONTACT US NOW to find out how we can help your child maintain their hockey training and summer fun balance, or provide you with a unique environment to build your friendships, family dynamics and employee culture alike!

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