Shoot to Score! Summer Hockey Camps in Langley

Hockey Summer Training in the Fraser Valley

Setting one’s self up for success through deliberate preparation, followed up with consistency, and enhanced by both acquired skills and natural talent – is a ‘shoot to score’ mentality, so to speak. Which is where our summer hockey camps in Langley come in to help with such preparedness for success.

Not only are these camps a lot of fun; an imperative part in keeping your child engaged in hockey, but they are also riddled with athletic training advancement opportunities!

Summer Hockey Camps in Langley

Coming summer of 2022, NHTC will be offering our Elite Summer Training Programs.

These training programs involve half day hockey camps in Langley, which will be conducted by coach Jake Gushue of Gushue Athletic Development.

As described on our summer camp page…

These Half Day Camps will consist of three hours of training per day. Each day will consist of an hour of on-ice training, an hour of synthetic ice shooting and stickhandling, and an hour of dryland strength and conditioning. There will be 15 minutes in between each rotation to give players time to get ready for their next working session. The camps will be located at the Academy Rink where we can fully utilize the ice, synthetic, and gym. Each group is limited to five players with one highly qualified coach per group.


Each camp will run for 5-days at a cost of $695 at our Academy Rink, and will include 3 core elements:

  1. On-Ice Development
  2. Synthetic Ice Training
  3. Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning:

In addition, each player will receive a custom workout program to continue during the remainder of the off-season and during in-season training.

About Gushue Athletic Development

Gushue Athletic Development  primarily focuses on strength, explosiveness and footwork however all workouts are personally developed for each athlete. We help our athletes reach their goals through new and current training methods mixed with some classic training. Combined with our old school attitude and having a never quit mentality, anything is possible.

At NHTC, our Summer Hockey Camps in Langley are always an exciting experience for staff and athletes alike, and we look forward to helping your son or daughter advance in a sport we feel passionately about!

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