Skating, Hockey & Figure Skating: The Benefits of Private Training for Athletes

Private Training for Athletes

Whether you have a child interested in excelling at skating, hockey or figure skating; there are many benefits to private training for athletes that we want to share. And with summer in full-swing, our private training classes are up and running, with an amazing team of coaches ready to go!

The Benefits of Private Training for Athletes

Private training for athletes can provide numerous benefits. Here are some key advantage to choosing to train individually.

Individualized Sessions

Private training in sports allows for individualized sessions geared towards the areas an athlete wishes to improve upon. Both strengths and weaknesses can be assessed, providing targeted and accelerated training.

Tailored Skills Development

Often times group training involves a regimented plan suited to a wide-range of skill levels. Private training, on the other hand, allows the coach to offer detailed instructional classes, individualized practice drills and focussed attention on specific skills development.

Accelerated Progress

Because of the tailored nature of private training, progress can take effect much more quickly. Not only can this help an athlete excel swiftly within the ranks; it can also be a more cost-effective solution to larger group training sessions, which may require a longer lead-time to acquire specific skills.

Other benefits can also include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Correcting habits before they become ‘bad habits’

Skating, Hockey & Figure Skating Training in Langley

At NHTC,  we provide private training within the arena of skating, hockey and figure skating. And as discussed our on private training page

NHTC 1-on-1 private hockey training is the fastest way to learn the game and improve on your individual skill set! Imagine having your very own professional coach working directly with you, instructing you one-on-one, guiding you, molding you, and accelerating your learning curve by leaps and bounds. With a complete focus on you, you’ll notice a distinct improvement after just one session!

Ready to get started? We have a Summer Weekend Special going on right now! Set your schedule around your summer holidays, or choose a set of semi-private training sessions with a friend or teammate at the same skill level to help off-set the cost.

We look forward to being part of your personal journey!

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