• Jumpstart – Making Organized Sport Affordable for ALL Families to Enjoy!

    November 15, 2018

    Being able to take advantage of organized sports for your child isn’t always feasible for a lot of families, which is why NHTC is excited to introduce our local community to Jumpstart!

    What Is Jumpstart?

    The Jumpstart slogan is “Raising Funds. Lifting Spirits. Supporting Dreams” …and when it comes to lifting spirits and supporting dreams, that is something NHTC can truly get behind.

    This national charity is operated by the Canadian Tire Corporation, helping families “skate their way” into a team sport of their choice – such as hockey!

    Whether your child has a strong urge to begin hockey training, or you think they could benefit from the positive environment sports can bring into their life, Jumpstart will help you with the financial burden and get your child participating in a sport of their choice for 2019.

    Why NHTC Supports Jumpstart

    At NHTC, we understand and have seen first hand the impact hockey-training can make in the lives of children and their families. We recognize that a healthy balance between school, friends, family and sports can better set a child up for future success. They will learn to manage their time between “work and play”, gain imperative skills in dealing with a variety or people in a team environment, and have coaches offer them assistance physically, mentally and emotionally along the way.

    That being said, we understand that not all families can afford to put their children in sports due to cost, which is why we fully appreciate and respect programs such as Jumpstart, which allow families to invest in the physical and mental health of their child, while investing in their child’s “fun factor” within a sport they love!

    Whether you home school your children and are looking to take advantage of our daytime skate programs at even greater savings, or have a son or daughter passionately eager to play the sport of hockey – we will work with your needs and budget, offering a payment plan you can afford, along with the financial help of Jumpstart to ensure your child doesn’t have to miss out another season of hockey training in Langley, turning their dreams into a reality for 2019!