2021 Thanks You for Your Patience: 2022 is Stacking Up to be Busy Skating Season in Langley!

Skating Season in Langley

First of all, we would like to say THANK YOU for all the patience and understanding we saw firsthand here at NHTC. From parents to athletes, front end staff to our coaching team; everyone displayed the amazing Canadian spirit we are known for. Calm, kind and considerate of others, as we transitioned through many hurdles.

With 2021 coming to a close very shortly, we are very much looking forward to a fantastic 2022 ahead. We are already at near capacity with our winter skating season in Langley – so if you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do that soon!

What’s New in 2022…

As mentioned in a previous blog, our NHTC Academy is now open for business, with additional services underway.

Known as the NHTC Academy, the focus for this facility is to provide players with a total facility designed to enhance training and development.

Combine both our new Training Rink and Fully Equipped Gym in Langley with our amazing coaches, and it sets our athletes up for greater success through advanced training opportunities in a focussed environment.


This new area comes equipped for things such as puck shooting, goalie training, treadmill skating – and more. Plus, the newly added well-equipped gym is set to help train teams for hockey, or general fitness. Exciting additions worth checking out!

2022 Skating Season in Langley: Turning Challenges Into Triumph (with a side of fun!)

At NHTC, we offer ice rentals, year-round skating and hockey programs, 1-on-1 private training, birthday parties, team wind-ups, and more.

Although 2021 held many challenges for many people – from floods to the ongoing pandemic, we have seen our community turn challenges into triumph. And NHTC is here to help add in a side of fun when and where we can.

Some of the programs we will be holding this winter include…

  • Learn to Skate
  • Introduction to Hockey
  • High Performance Power Skating
  • …and more!

Aside from our scheduled programs; if you’re seeking a corporate Christmas event – our ice rentals in Langley are a great option, providing the perfect venue for some holiday fun.

Or opt for a family skate as a New Year’s event, ringing in another season with health and fitness in mind. Or give your athlete the gift of one-on-one training. Endless options and 2 great facilities at NHTC to help facilitate them!

For a full list of our winter programs click here, or feel free to call us at 604-534-7825 to book your group event.

Also, please note that for corporate or family skates, vaccination passports are required for adults, and all current Covid-19 mandates are in effect – as seen here. We appreciate your understanding.

Curious about other Christmas events happening locally? Find them here.

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