The Benefit of Team Sports for Youth

Team sports are an excellent way to keep your youth engaged, as well as offer them a sense of purpose and belonging, challenge them to grow physically and mentally, and provide an outlet where they can create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Which is why NHTC would like to share ‘The Benefit of Team Sports for Youth’, in order to help parents understand how our hockey training in Langley can assist your child in a multitude of ways!

The Benefit of Regular Exercise

Physical education within a school setting is seemingly declining year after year, which doesn’t allow kids to release pent up energy or receive the exercise they need, making the team sport of hockey an excellent place to do so while having fun.

The Benefit of Being a Team Player

No matter what stage of life your child is in, being a team player is an important life skill to have, one which our Lower Mainland hockey training team will help to instill in a positive way, assisting your child in many other areas of life and their adaptability therein.

The Benefit of Learning Respect for Others

Just like being a team player is important, so too is learning how to have respect for others; growing and learning how to cultivating understanding with a “group effort” mentality.

The Benefit of Stress Management for Youth

Modern society is filled with life stresses that generations before simply did not have. Schedules are more hectic and parents are often both working in order to sustain a certain lifestyle. So having a positive outlet where your youth can release their stress on the ice will better help them in school, at home, and with their overall life management.

The Benefit of Good Sportsmanship

Playing fair tends to be a taught skill, which plays into good sportsmanship and learning to win or lose with grace. No one enjoys a sore loser or a pompous winner, so at NHTC – we provide training that helps to increase personal confidence, creating an appreciation for the sport of hockey, and instill positive sportsmanship tools at every level of the game.

Whether you are looking at starting your child in ringette training, wish to put them into higher level hockey training, or are wanting private hockey training, we provide all levels of hockey training in Langley in order to guide, mold and advance your child in hockey by leaps and bounds …and look forward to doing so!

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