EPV: How End Point Visualization in Hockey Can Help Players Perform Better

End Point Visualization in Hockey

EPV, or – End Point Visualization – is an essential tool that can help players perform better for many reasons. This is a technique utilized by some of Canada’s greatest coaches, as well as a concept presented by Dr. Brent Rushall. He taught the ‘backward shaping system’ for teaching a skill, and NHTC is proud to present Coach Vic Lindal implementing this system outside of our facilities.

How End Point Visualization in Hockey Can Help Players Perform Better

End point visualization is a technique used in hockey that involves players visualizing their game – so to speak. This technique is important because it allows players to better anticipate how they see the game playing out, which helps them make better decisions and execute their plays more effectively.

Ways that EPV can help players includes:

Better Decision Making

By visualizing where they want the puck to end up, players can make better decisions about where to shoot or pass the puck. This can help them avoid turnovers and create better scoring opportunities.

More Accurate Passing

When players can visualize where their teammates will be, they can pass the puck more accurately, which can help them maintain possession and create scoring chances.

Improved Shot Accuracy

By visualizing the end point of their shot, players can aim more accurately and increase their chances of scoring. This is especially important for players who rely on their shooting skills to contribute to the team’s offense.

Faster Decision Making

EPV can help players make decisions more quickly, which is important in a fast-paced game like hockey. By anticipating where the puck will end up, players can react more quickly and execute their plays more effectively.

Overall, end point visualization is an important technique for hockey players to master – and Coach Vic is here to help teach this!

Private Coaching in Langley

Vic Lindal is a big believer in EPV and is a Personal and Mental Training Coach who works outside of our NHTCs programs – but we highly recommend him to anyone wanting help with improving their game or other aspects of their lives. 

He has made his mark in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pan American Games Volleyball Coach
  • TV commentator at 4 Olympic Games
  • Inducted into 4 Sports Hall of Fames
  • Personal Coach to many top athletes and aspiring athletes

Vic teaches that – when it comes to have an ‘end-point vision’, that end-point is to envision what happens after the gold medal.

“In general terms I teach people to create a movie of their preferred future. That could reflect a day a month a year or a lifetime.

Once you have a picture, it is important to take action immediately. My recent saying is “Picture Action Belief”. The action is the key. In practical terms, in sport skill training, I teach a player to picture the conclusion and practice the conclusion.

In hockey – picture ideas. See the puck in a specific part of the net in the mesh. Then add in the parts backwards: Net, flight, off the stick, receiving the pass.

Create your own movies of what you want to get better at. Run the movies every night, and then apply it to all aspects of your life!”.

Even golf legend – Jack Nicklaus, refers to this in his book ‘Golfing My Way’. In it he explains: “Before I hit a ball, I see where it has come to rest sitting up bright and white, then I see where it has landed and rolled to the resting spot, then I see the flight, then I select the club”.

Curious to learn more? Contact Vic directly here, or reach out to us to discuss our spring and summer private hockey training sessions coming up with one of our Private Hockey Coaches in Langley, maximizing your game in ways you will feel proud of!

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