Fraser Valley Summer Hockey Camps: The Importance of Off-Season Training

Fraser Valley Summer Hockey Camps

Off-season training, regardless of the sport, is important for athletic development. Which is where our Fraser Valley summer hockey camps come in to help, with programs such as…

  • Learn to Skate
  • High Performance Training
  • Power Skating
  • 3 on 3 Hockey
  • …and a handful of specialty camps – found here.

Although we recognize that it is important to have a healthy balance of free-time and focused-time for kids and youth alike, summer hockey training offers your young athlete the added advantage of time away from school. In turn, this allows for focussed training surrounding their conditioning, endurance, strength and speed.

Not only are our hockey camps in Langley geared towards such focused training, they are also a fun outlet for kids to spend their summer, while providing an affordable activity for parents too.

The Importance of Off-Season Training

When it comes to more advanced athletes, as in – teen hockey players who have invested multiple years into the sport; off-season training can impact their game substantially. In fact, it can mean the difference between whether hockey is simply a game to them, or a long-term goal.

Overtraining is a real concern that also needs to be addressed. Burnout and social isolation are the result of rarely moving away from a sports-centric lifestyle. However, having an appropriate amount of time spent honing a skill, focussing on one sport, and participating in something like our summer hockey training, can provide an impactful way to advance an athlete’s hockey goals without burning them out.

Fraser Valley Summer Hockey Camps

Our Fraser Valley Summer Hockey Camps include a variety of 30, 45, or 60 minutes hockey camps. We also offer 2 half-day camps that are 3.5 hours in duration, with 3 hours of focussed training time per day.

Players have the opportunity to take part in everything from an ‘Introduction to Hockey’ with Coach Shawn Boone – geared towards kids from 3 and up; all the way to ‘High Performance Hockey’ camps with Ryan Carignan.

Regardless of which skill you choose to help your child better hone, they will be engaged in learning a skillset. As well, they will enhance their mindset and participating in an activity that will offer them personal satisfaction too!

Whether your child is just exiting their toddler years or well into their teen years, NHTC is here to help them develop a winning mindset. We extend our teaching on how to manage ego-centric competitiveness, and turn it into ‘personal best’ achievements.

If you’re curious to know more, feel free to contact us. Also, be sure to check out our recent blog **NEW** NHTC Academy Hockey Rink: Half Day Summer Camps in Langley for a better understanding of our new facility!

We are here to help with your child’s development in a fun and positive way. We look forward to doing so at any one of our hockey camps in Langley this summer.

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