How to Guard Against Concussions on the Ice

Safety on the ice is on the highest priority list at National Hockey Training, and part of that safety is informing parents and players alike ‘How to Guard Against Concussions on the Ice’… but first we want to share the reality of concussions.

A Brain Injury is Not Like a Broken Limb

Broken limbs can occur in life outside of sports, and concussions fall into that arena as well – but you are at an increase risk when you engage in a contact sport.

Often times head injuries will happen due to a direct hit to the head via an elbow or shoulder in hockey, while others are the unfortunate result of an on-ice fight. Clearly that is more common in the NHL, but we also need to inform those partaking in hockey training in Langley, about the importance of playing safe.

The Position You Play Increases Your Concussion Odds

A recent study revealed that defensemen and goalies were less likely to suffer a concussion over a forward, who often are on the ice more and in direct contact with other players.

So all that being said, how does a player better guard against a concussion?

Take a Break

Mental and physical exhaustion often play a part in concussions, so it is important to know when you need to take a breather, regroup and refresh.

Safety is an ‘Everyone’ Issue

Coaches play a big part in ensuring players practice proper ice etiquette, but it is also important for parents to educate their kids on the imperative nature of this, keeping it a regular part of discussions to and from the hockey arena.

Think: “discussions prevent concussions”!

Ensure You Have the Right Equipment

Ensuring you have gear that properly fits you or your child will also play a big role in ice safety and concussion prevention. So if in doubt – ask a professional.

Here at NHTC, we personally believe we offer the best coaches in the business, and with our wide selection of coaches – we are sure to have one that can help your child become their best selves on the ice.

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