Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – and Hockey

Matt Keith

They say laughter is the best medicine – but what if we told you that hockey has the ability to further accelerate the ‘medicinal’ benefits of laughter, with a healthy body and mind balance?

Although we are being bias with the sport of hockey, the fact is that any form of exercise can help release endorphins, pump blood through your veins while oxygenating the brain, and allow adrenaline to be put to positive use instead of coming out in the form of anxiety. But, for us, hockey is the sport of choice – and here’s why!

The Quick Fix of a Healthy Body – and Hockey

The sheer intensity of hockey can help facilitate the ‘quick fix’ of a healthy body. Whether seeking to get in shape in a fun and competitive way, or looking to better your health with a casual pick-up game of hockey; getting lost in this sport is an amazing way to gain a healthy body while also creating a healthy mind as well. Relieving stress is vital to your health, and at NHTC – we truly believe hockey is an excellent outlet for exactly that.

The Default Result of a Healthy Mind – and Hockey

The planet seems fuelled by many passionate topics right now, making it feel like we’re already competing for some intangible “win” on any given discussion. As a human species, we often feel the need to compete, but doing so on the world stage can make for very unhappy results.

If you enjoy the healthy reality of positive competition – hockey is an excellent outlet to facilitate that. Building social bonds, relieving stress, and allowing you to feel as though you’re winning without having to lose your peace of mind. Very much the opposite in fact – hockey can help you find your centre, bring all the turmoil of the day into a fine-tuned game, and allow you to refocus on things that matter without losing yourself in a crowd of voices vying to be heard.

Hockey – a Temporary Distraction Offering Permanent Solutions

Sometimes it simply takes a temporary distraction to create a new mindset or healthy habits, and through such distractions, you actually instill new ways of thinking, feeling and even looking.

Your health matters, perhaps now more than ever before – and we want to offer hockey as an outlet for a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy YOU! From fitness to stress relief, technical skills to a social outlet; participating in a hockey game might just be the ‘new normal’ you need to change your life, and NHTC would love to be a part of that change with Private Ice Rentals in Langley.

We look forward to seeing and serving you soon!


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