How To Create a Healthy Balance Between Hockey Life and Family Life

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September offers a fresh start for many families across the Lower Mainland. Between the back-to-school routine and the new fall season ahead, it is a common time in which to press the reset button.

With fall hockey just around the corner, we fully understand how this can be an exciting time to reset – especially for those just starting out in this sport. That being said, we want to help you balance your work/life/play routine with these simple suggestions!

Have a Pre-Season Family Timeout 

Having a ‘team meeting’ with all your family members before the hockey season starts, will allow everyone to be on the same page with upcoming schedules, expectations, what your child/children are looking forward to, and also any of their concerns. This type of timeout will ensure you take into considerate all the needs of each family member, and make room for adjustments to your game plan moving forward.

Set Schedule Limits to Ensure Family Time

Knowing your child’s limits on the ice can help target areas of growth within the sport; just as knowing your limits as a family can help with individual interactions and participation with every member of your family.

Global News recently had a segment about creating schedules that make sense as family, advising parents on how over-scheduling can really create bad habits, and even hinder growth in the sports or arts programs your child is in.

So be sure to balance your schedule to take into account family time that isn’t focused inside an arena.

Balance Competition and Cooperation

We often see parents holding different roles in their child’s life – a combination between nurturing instinct and competitive collaboration. As parents, helping one another stay balanced in how you handle your child’s hockey practice routine, the way you motivate them, and how you manage any (non-physical) push-back you see your child in on the ice, will also help them better balance their own responses to both a competitive environment and life in general.

Be mindful that constructive criticism, fuelling a competitive spirit, and nurturing a considerate human, all play a part in a balanced attitude regarding winning and losing, both on and off the ice!

Also be sure to create balance between…

– Each of your kids and their chosen extra curricular activities

– Sports, school and social life

– Awake and sleep time

– Family and individual time

– Active and quiet time

And last but definitely not least; make sure to set some personal time for you and your partner. Happy “team captains” makes life more manageable, and kids feel more adjusted and confident in their own life dealings when you are calmly dealing with your own.

We fully understand the time-constraints of working parents, the added pressures of single parents, and the juggling act within blended families – and we’re here to help alleviate concerns, costs, scheduling and other such special challenges.

We want you to feel comfortable in voicing your concerns to us, and are more than happy to discreetly address them, pointing you in the right directions for things such as Jump Start, or any other consideration your family might need.

We’re excited for our fall hockey season in Langley, and look forward to seeing both parents and kids succeed and have fun in our great Canadian sport!

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