Ice-Cold Fun: Mini Hockey Parties in Langley – Now Available!

Hockey Parties in Langley

Looking for a creative outlet to hold a party this spring? NHTC is now hosting Mini Hockey Parties in Langley!

Ice-Cold Fun – Skating Rink Rentals in Langley

When it comes to a party, choosing the right venue is important. Whether you wish to customize the experience with organized activities, or simply want a creative outlet to let the kids roam free – our skating rink rentals in Langley are an excellent solutions for all of the above.

Our hockey rinks offer a unique and memorable experience for guests of all ages; one where you can customize the experience, organizing fun activities on the ice or our synthetic ice option. We are here to ensure that the celebration is a hit!

Mini Hockey Parties in Langley

Hosting a birthday party at a hockey rink can offer a unique and unforgettable experience for both kids and adults alike. We now offer parties at the Main Rink and Academy Rink – as discussed on our Parties at NHTC page

Main Rink Hockey Party

Rent our 2/3rd size ice rink and book the upstairs party room. Just bring your guests and food and be prepared to have FUN!

CLICK HERE to view the rental rates at the Main Rink.

Academy Rink

Rent our Synthetic Ice/party area for a fun mini hockey stick party. You get full use of our Synthetic Ice with 2 regulation size nets. We supply mini hockey sticks, small foam balls, 2 large bouncy balls, and 2 mini nets. The party room has 2 round tables, 2 rectangular tables, and benches that can be moved around the tables. Up to 15 kids are allowed in the party room area. The use of the Synthetic Ice/party area is $125.00+GST per hour.

CLICK HERE to view the ice rental rates at the Academy Rink.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to host a birthday party, team-wind-up, family skate, or corporate event, NHTC ice rentals could be the solution.

Feel free to contact us to learn more, and allow us to help you get thee party started!

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