Key Ways to Prepare Kids and Parents for Minor Hockey

At the National Hockey Training Centre, we pride ourselves in offering top-level training for our athletes. No matter the age or the stage of hockey training involved, we deliver the skill-set and aid in the mindset to help individuals succeed at a sport they love.

Whether considering ringette or minor hockey classes for your child as a first-time athlete, or continuing their training as a returning player, we want to share some ‘Key Ways to Prepare Kids and Parents for Minor Hockey’ in order for everyone participating to have a fun and successful year!

Key Phrase – Have Fun

There is a lot to be said about having the right focus and determination to succeed at something, no matter if that is sports, school, or a career path – focus is key.

That being said, fun is an imperative part of the game too, and if your child is not anticipating that they will have fun playing hockey, they will definitely dread it and quickly lose steam for the sport. So by all mean – challenge your child, as we will too, but ensure they know that hockey training is not just about advancing in a skill, but also about enjoying a really fun sport!

Anticipate Developing a Winning Attitude

As the saying goes “winning isn’t everything”, and although we train our athletes to win, a large part of winning also involves the right attitude.

Whether on the ice or off, parents should be encouraging their children to have the mindset of winning, and the attitude of accepting failure as an opportunity for growth. By having these conversations leading up to hockey training or ringette, it will better prepare your child for both, and help them accept either scenario.

Gearing to Play for the Sport, Not for the Status

Often parents will want their child to be a part of certain teams that deliver a specific status, but obsessing over status can actually be harmful to your child’s development within the sport of hockey.

Dominating the ice at an early age often has a lot to do with size, but as your child grows, it is important for them to also have more than brute strength as their primary skill. A mental aptitude will far outplay size alone, especially as other kids start to fill out and their skill has advanced beyond your child’s sheer size.

Playing with “the best players” will not necessarily help your child become an optimal athlete more quickly – rather, it will be the proper training and the appropriate hockey training level that will assist them in acquiring the long-term skills necessary. This will steadily increase their confidence and ability to play the game with the right attitude, helping them to likely outshine other players in later years who once dominated the rink.

A positive attitude goes a long way, and at the National Hockey Training Centre, we want to help your child excel at the sport they love, offering them ways to maintain a positive attitude fueled by true confidence.

Feel free to call us at 604-534-7825 if this sound like the right avenue for your child …we look forward to the season ahead, assisting your child in skills they can use on the ice and in life!

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