Langley Summer Kids Camps: 5 Benefits of Summer Sports Camps for Kids

Summer Camps in Langley

If you live in the Fraser Valley and are seeking Langley Summer Kids Camps – you’ve found them!

NHTC will be delivering a wide-range of camps for kids, teens AND adults this year, helping our community manage their summer schedule in a healthy and beneficial way.

Check out these ‘5 Benefits of Summer Sports Camps for Kids’ – and kids at heart!

5 Benefits of Summer Sports Camps for Kids

Summer sports camps can be a wonderful experience, and we want to share some of the reasons why.

  1. Physical Activity

Summer sports camps can provide the opportunity to engage in physical activity and maintain exercise outside of a school setting. This promotes good health both mentally and physically.

2. Skill Development

Sports camps in the summer also allows for development and the improvement of athletic abilities. Our sports camps provide specialized training in various areas, allowing your child to focus on specific skills and techniques as you and they see fit.

3. Socialization

Summer camps also provide an excellent opportunity for kids to socialize; sharing in similar interests. This can help to improve their social skills, build friendships, and provide a sense of community.

4. Character Building

Incorporate character building activities and lessons into you or your child’s life matters. Such activities can help develop important life skills – like teamwork, perseverance and leadership.

5. Fun and Adventure

Most importantly – summer sports camps can be a fun and adventurous experience for all! This can help foster a love for sports and physical activity, which can last a lifetime.

NHTC Langley Summer Kids Camps

Curious what NHTC has in store for our Langley summer kids camps? Take a look here!

We have added in some new opportunities, as well as brought back all the popular ones – including:

  • Learn to Skate …for kids, teens AND adults!
  • Introduction to Figure Skating
  • Advanced Skating for Hockey
  • Female Hockey Development
  • Body Checking
  • Defence Camp
  • …and so …much… more!

Check out our post  Langley Summer Hockey Camps: The Importance of Planning Ahead to help jumpstart your summer scheduling, or contact us at your convenience to chat about our summer programs.

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