Why Learning to Power Skate is a Game Changer

Gaining ice skills is a powerful way to increase your ability to play the sport of hockey, and ‘Why Learning to Power Skate is a Game Changer’. NHTC is here to help explain that “why”…

The Importance of Reaching Beyond Your Potential

Helping your child to improve their hockey skills each year is an important part in reaching their full potential, but very few will work towards reaching beyond that potential, which would turn your child from being a good hockey play – to a great one.

One of the ways your child can extend their hockey playing abilities is through learning to power skate. Power skating plays a critical role for those who are aiming to reach an elite level of hockey, and the changes it can make in your child’s game will be leaps and bounds beyond those who opt out.

Understanding the Unnatural Nature of Skating

Skating is actually a fairly unnatural movement for the body, which is why training your body to fight against nature, is part of the training process. No matter how much your child practices their regular skating and hockey skills on the ice, it will not offer them for the skills that come with power skating.

Power skating adjusts your child’s regular skating stride into an improved version that delivers speed and agility on the ice. The smallest flaws in skating styles can lend themselves to the biggest downfalls in the sport, allowing those who seek our power skating training to excel faster than those who don’t, and increase their likelihood to advance in a hockey career.

The Affordability of Power Skating Classes

At our National Hockey Training Centre in Langley, we hold various classes as well as camps to help children, teens and adults alike improve their skills in hockey – one of which camps includes our ‘Power Skating 8+’ in December.

Choose from either Camp 1, which runs from December 27-29 from 5:30-6:15pm daily, or Camp 2, which runs from January 3-5 during the same time. These 3-day camps are only $75, and will truly change your child’s hockey playing abilities and improve their confidence as well.

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