NHTC Proudly Supports Girls Hockey – Let’s Talk About It!

Girls Hockey

We recently posted on our social media platforms about Bauer Hockey’s announcement regarding a Hockey Bill of Rights as it pertains to females. An initiative that focuses on equal access and opportunity for females in hockey.

At NHTC – we proudly support this initiative along with girls hockey. We are here to help raise up girls in the same positive culture that boys have been a part of for decades, pursuing excellence and honing the sport of hockey.

Athleticism holds many great benefits and rewards, and being handed a medal is not the only measuring stick from which to gauge success. Sometimes just picking up a hockey stick and making it a personal goal to defy stereotypes is the greatest win of all!

The Conversation

Line Change recently wrote an article highlighting girls hockey – or the lack thereof – stating: “It’s not a secret, we all know that it ain’t fair out there. More money is driven into boys hockey than girls, which creates a ripple effect.”

As a passionate dad writing this article, he goes on to challenge the fact that little is being said, or done about truly implementing change, bucking the status quo, and creating space for female hockey teams or training.

We believe it takes the desire to play the sport, the tenacity to get in the game, and the community of like-minded parents to make that happen – along with support from hockey training facilities such as NHTC. We have always offered and supported girls hockey, and continue to be prepared to get into the rink alongside you!

Girls Hockey at NHTC in Langley

Curious about our hockey programs in Langley for females? Most of our programs are geared towards boys and girls alike, with added classes such as our Elite Girls Power Skating’, instructed by Julie Jury Dunlop. Check out her bio here, or learn more about this customized program tailored specifically for female athletes – here.

At NHTC, we care about our community of hockey parents, early childhood training, youth elite hockey programs and adults leagues alike. We are proud of the services we deliver, the coaches we work alongside, and the community minded culture we embrace. We are here to help athletes achieve their personal best – and look forward to helping your daughters do exactly that!

Be Part of the Change: We invite you to sign the Bauer Hockey petition to raise our collective voices to force positive change within girls hockey and female sports overall.

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