Preparing Your Child for School With Hockey Training

With school just ending, most parents are not already thinking of the school year ahead. But at NHTC – we’re here to encourage you to do exactly that, by ‘Preparing Your Child for School With Hockey Training’ this summer!

Improve Focus with Hockey Training

Focus is an imperative skill in school, not to mention in life, and it is often more of a learned skill over an intrinsic ability – especially for boys with endless energy.

At NHTC, our hockey training will not only help your child expend energy, we will also help your child learn to use their energy in a focused manner, giving them a takeaway skill set that will aid in the upcoming school season, and in life overall.

One of the ways in which we encourage focus, is through teaching visualization, offering a mental environment of success. This will aid your child both on the ice, as well as in the classroom.

Mental preparedness counts for a lot, and we’re here to help your child harness this skill!

Improve Confidence with Hockey Training

Confidence is imperative in school. Whether dealing with the inevitable bullies that tend to come with a school environment, or just generally walking through life with your head held high; confidence will help your child further succeed at friendships, sports, school… and everything in-between.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to participate in this thing we call life, especially in today’s environment, which seem more advanced than yesteryear – and this is something our hockey training will instill!

Improve Peer Interactions with Hockey Training

Knowing how to relate to those around you is also usually a learned skill, and sports are a great introduction into this.

At NHTC, our hockey training seeks to emphasize the person over the player, and we aim to help kids find their identity as a team player engaging positively in a competitive environment with their peers.

Coachability is important in all walks of life, from relationship interactions to a school environment and then on to the career chosen later in life, and we want to help enhance your child’s ability to listen, learn and grow!

Want to know more? Click here to find out about the amazing team of people we employ here at NHTC, who are here to help your child achieve success in the school year ahead and life overall!

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