The Benefit of Sports and Leadership Training

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The sport of hockey is an amazing investment for parent’s to make in their children. Raising a child who has the discipline to play a competitive game, rise to the challenge of defeat and overcome the learning curve each year to become a better player, is definitely a worthwhile pursuit we applaud.

In addition to gaining such skills, there is also a lot to be said about ‘The Benefit of Sports and Leadership Training’; helping kids grow as leaders as they learn to navigate their way on the ice, turning tenacity, work ethic, teamwork and skill into a lifestyle choice

The Benefit of Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Many people spend their adult years uncovering their strengths and weaknesses through employment opportunities, a variety of relationships types, and lifestyle choices that present them with challenges along the way.

In the fast-paced game of hockey, challenges come your way quickly, and having the drive to develop winning strategies, while owning a loss and not allowing it to diminish your confidence on the ice – plays out in real life too. Helping your kids identify their strengths and weaknesses will also help them better understand how to handle each.

The Benefit of Team Building and Decision Making

When you’re on a hockey team, you are thrown together with a wide-range of individuals from various backgrounds. The same is true in life – both at school and in the workforce we encounter all types of personalities we have to learn to get along with, creating social skills to co-exist, and – ideally, flourish.

Team sports play into leadership skills very well, and this is also due to decision-making. People look to those who are willing to make quick decisions and have the confidence to be decisive, and hockey is very much about such action.

At NHTC, we understand and appreciate the importance of Mental Training, and offer it as an additional way to help anyone who wants to set goals, expand horizons and achieve the results you want.

We can provide amazing motivation through our coach Vic Lindal, who has worked with many top athletes and business professionals, helping them unlock their true potential on and off the ice!

CONTACT US NOW to find out more about our Mental Training, or about our Hockey Training in Langley, and see the difference it can make to the “game of life”!

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