The Impact of Nutrition for Your Athletic Child in 2020

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Nutrition plays an important role in your child’s physical growth, as well as their performance on and off the ice. Whether they are a hockey player or an athlete who competes in another sport, ‘The Impact of Nutrition for Your Athletic Child in 2020’ matters, and NHTC is here to help guide parents within this!

Nutrition Tips for Hockey Practice

Food is fuel for the body, and the type of food-fuel your child consumes will make a big difference in their energy levels.

Sugary snacks might give your child a quick boost of energy, but this will fade quickly and is not sustainable for high-energy hockey practice or games.

To help you child perform at their best, consider providing them with pre-hockey food and drinks such as:

  • Plenty of regular water or coconut water instead of sugary sports drinks, which boast of benefits, but really only offers empty calories. Coconut water is said to beat sports drinks in electrolytes too, so it is a great alternative if your child isn’t one to consume a lot of H20
  • Before practice or games, be sure that your child eats within the essential food groups too, such as: fruits, raw vegetables, whole grains, non-processed meats or meat substitutes, dairy products such as yogurt, and healthy fats such as nuts

Nutrition Plays a Big Part in Focus

Nutrition and focus go hand-in-hand, and without fuelling the body with proper nutrition, your child can easily loose focus and stamina during a game. This is something that can be easily avoided with healthy nutritional food and drink choices, which can be simple on-the-go snacks.

At NHTC, we offer extensive Coaching Staffthat all bring a variety of knowledge to the team, which will include some great nutritional advice from their own hockey experience.

In addition, we offer one-on-one private hockey training in Langleyto advance your child’s hockey abilities, improving their skill set in an accelerated environment, where you will see a distinct improvement after just one session.

Whether you are seeking a local rink to register your son or daughter in hockey, ringette or skating lessons, or you desire to put together an adult team for the coming year – NHTC offers local Langley ice rentalsand hockey coaching for both children and adults at affordable prices. An excellent way to add a healthy outlet that the entire family can enjoy!

Curious to know more? Fill out our Online Contact Form,visit us at 110 – 20740 Mufford Crescent in Langley, or call us at 604-534-7825. We are looking forward to a healthy and FUN 2020 season and would love for you to join us!

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