The ‘Spooktacular’ Advantages of Playing Sports

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Playing sports offers many advantages, both physically and mentally – providing a positive environment for: exercise, belonging, goal setting, discipline, positive body image, self-esteem building – and more.

With October upon us, and schedules finally settling into a routine, it is a great time to consider the ‘spooktacular’ advantages of involving yourself or your child in the sport of hockey (or any other sport), and we’re here to help give you all the reasons why!

Playing Sports Relieves Stress and Reduce Depression

Bother adults and children are under a lot of stress in our modern society, and finding ways to reduce that is important.

Not only can a sporting activity help to relive stress, but regular exercise is also known to reduce depression and promote a natural chemical in our bodies known as serotonin.

Often referred to as the “happy chemical”, serotonin helps to manage our wellbeing, and as little as 20 minutes of physical exercise is all that’s needed to prompt it.

Playing Sports Boosts Confidence and Social Skills

Finding a positive outlet to connect and build confidence is important at any age, and sports are an excellent outlet to enhance social skills, teamwork, and problem solving, all while gaining a sense of belonging too.

Winning on the ice, the field or the court, translates to an increased sense of accomplishment, and often improves a person’s presence in the boardroom or the classroom as well.

Some might just say “it’s a game”, but at NHTC – we know just how big of a difference it can make to the lives of our players!

Playing Sports Helps Build a “Can Do” Attitude

Every sport comes with winning and losing, and having to champion both sides of those realities can help individuals build their “can do” attitude. Whether realizing their errors and ways in which they need to improve their game to win, or feeling the sense of accomplishment when all of their hard work pays off in a win – sports provides an excellent environment to build and adjust attitudes as needed.

Playing Sports Is FUN!

Yes …let’s not forget that playing sports can simply be fun, and enjoying a game of hockey with your pals is the perfect way to spend an October day.

In an far too demanding sports world where people play to win, NHTC would like to remind kids and adults alike to have FUN.

Grabbing an ice rental and taking in an adults 3-3 game, is something we often see people doing here, having a blast – not only during the game, but before and after too!

At NHTC, we appreciate the impact playing sports can have on a person, and our Langley location provides communities such as Cloverdale, South Surrey, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Fleetwood, Clayton Heights – and more, with ice rental opportunities, motivational one-on-one coaching, and hockey training to help your child succeed on and off the ice!

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