Miranda Guimond

Miranda is very passionate about the youth and is driven to help them succeed. She believes in living a holistic lifestyle with an emphasis on mind-body connection and movement.

She strives to practice what she preaches on the daily. Our health is our wealth and when we look at health as a whole, we have to train the mind and the body in order to achieve greatness! Her classes benefit students on a physical and mental level allowing them to tap into the depth of their potential. 

Miranda’s positive attitude and passion shows through in her teachings. Her classes incorporate routines that promote correct spinal posture and build stronger bodies. Each session blends the best of yoga, mobility and mindfulness(breath work) to promote clarity, mental focus, to strengthen the body and to help aid in muscle recovery.

Miranda has been teaching for over 12 years and has worked with hundreds of athletes across Alberta and BC. Her experience ranges from catering to private clients at the Royal Glenora Club to working with academies. She has over 9 fitness and yoga trainings and has developed her own barre training program. 

In the time Miranda is not teaching, she enjoys hiking, being in the sun, singing, dancing, listening to music, traveling & further developing her skills.

Movement is a part of her everyday life and she looks forward to helping you reach your goals!

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