NHTC Statement – Freezing Prices

October 16, 2022

At NHTC, we understand that the cost of living continues to soar here in BC, and especially within the Lower Mainland. Which is why it is our commitment to help our community manage their extracurricular costs, while maintaining quality hockey programs at both of our locations.

To help ease the burden, we are extending a payment plan to parents, which is now available for ALL classes. In addition, we are FREEZING class prices until September 2023.

Our aim is to help parents manage their financial commitments, better ensuring they can ‘stay in the game’; keeping our hockey programs as affordable as possible.

Most of us are feeling the pinch, hard hit by the rising costs of basic necessities and facing uncertainty about housing values and costs. We don’t want you to have to choose between sports vs. groceries.

Our goal is to invest in your child’s future, taking into account that your future may feel unknown within the housing market, gas prices – and everything therein.

Higher costs are a reality for everyone, including us here at NHTC. But rather than just passing all of these onto our users as many businesses seem to be doing, we have been able to make adjustments and savings where we can control costs so we can freeze our prices for all programs for the next 11 months.

We have had great success in referring our customers to Jumpstart where financial support for skating and hockey is available. The application process is simple and while we don’t control the process the approval rate is very high.

Please contact us at 604-534-7825 if you’d like more information about payment plans or programs, such as Jumpstart, to help with financial assistance.

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