Hockey Coaches in Langley: Top 2 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Hockey Coach

Hockey Coaches in Langley

At NHTC, we pride ourselves in providing a team of incredibly caring and greatly skilled hockey coaches in Langley. They have a reputation in the community, that the athletes who come into their care are equally challenged as they are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

They are also tasked with tempering parents’ expectations of what their child’s ‘best’ may look like. Everyone has a personal best, and – depending on the age and skill level of each child, we work to push them beyond their comfort level into a training capacity that can take them further.

So, what are the top 2 questions we feel you should ask your child’s hockey coach to prepare yourself, and them, for what’s to come?

1. How Do You Balance Play Time and Training Time?

Some parents will want their child to be training throughout the duration of their coaching session. Others will want a balance of fun and functional training for their child.

At NHTC, our coaching staff offers a balance of each, within the type of classes we offer.

On the high-end of our hockey training, we deliver:







On a more basic level of ‘learning for fun’ hockey and ice-skills training, we offer:



Depending on where your child is at in their development, and the desired outcome, will translate onto which camp would work best for them

2. How Do You Temper High-Level Training With Realistic Outcomes?

Once a hockey player has reached a higher level in their hockey training, the usual expectation of both players and parents – involves some form of professional goals. And this is understandable, relatable, and even doable.

Our coaches are capable of holding knowledgeable conversations of what to expect as your athlete progresses. In addition, they will assist with creating both winning mindsets, as well as the learned behaviour of losing without setback.

Putting your child in the right level of training is important. Striving for excellence is important. Playing the game for both the love of the sport, while having a respect for the fact that there are hundreds of kids across Canada that will be shooting their shot towards the same goal – is also important.

Our coaches are here to help mitigate all of the above – and much much more. We are proud of the team who serves our community here at NHTC. So allow us to introduce them to you! 

NHTC Hockey Coaches in Langley

We have a variety of amazing coaches at both of our Langley hockey rink locations. Some of who will be conducting our Summer Hockey Camps, which include…

Ryan Carignan – Runs all of our High Performance programs, and all high
intensity classes. Ryan is a very sought after coach and has a great

Marcie Munro – Is a lead instructor for our LTS summer camps, as well as
select days this fall. The kids and parents LOVE her – as do we.

Shawn Boone – Runs our Introduction to Hockey programs, and is an excellent coach to lead your child into the world of hockey.

Jake Gushue – Jake runs our Half Day Camps out of the Academy Rink.
He has become one of our go-to coaches for private training.

Julie Jury Dunlop – Has just joined us here at NHTC, but brings tons of experience
with figure skating, basic skating techniques, as hockey as well. She has an
Elite Power Skating camp this Summer worth looking into.

It’s also worth noting that all of the above coaches are available for Private Training as well, except Ryan – who runs his own private training classes.

NHTC truly delivers Hockey Coaches in Langley for all ages and skill levels. Whether your child is just learning to skate, or they are an advanced hockey player – we have the training techniques and coaching staff to help young athletes reach their goals!

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