Taking a Moment to Say – THANK YOU!

In today’s social climate, a genuine “thank you” can go a long way. And NHTC would like to extend exactly that to all our staff, customers and athletes. We can all likely agree that the past, good part of a year, has been challenging. From a complete halt in school and, for some, work, as well as the changes amidst communities and all that often makes up a community – it’s been, a lot. As a business who thrives off healthy minds and bodies and is passionate about gathering for a good old-fashioned game of hockey, the changes we have

‘Learn to Skate’ Program in Langley – Safe Socialization Opportunity for Your Kids this Fall!

The countdown to fall has begun, and with it – a fresh opportunities to learn and grow and socialize in new ways. Which is something NHTC is proud to provide on all three-levels through our ‘Learn to Skate’ programs in Langley. Whether choosing our Preschool Program for your wee one, or our more advanced Skating Program that will help your child transition into Hockey or Ringette, or simply want to introduce your kids to either program in order to enjoy a unique recreation opportunity – we offer all of the above, along with super coaches teaching our programs! Learn to

‘Back-to-Normal’ (but different) School Skating and Hockey Programs for the Whole Family!

With school coming our way in a few short weeks, our National Hockey Training Centre in Langley is gearing up with ‘Back-to-Normal’ (but different) School Skating and Hockey Programs for the Whole Family! Although there will be some slight adjustments to our programs in order to meet added health guidelines, our ‘new normal’ will feel a lot more familiar than previous months, and we know that both parents and kids alike are ready to re-familiarize themselves with the familiar. So, what does our Langley skating and hockey program lineup looks like? Let us show you just some of the fun

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – and Hockey

They say laughter is the best medicine – but what if we told you that hockey has the ability to further accelerate the ‘medicinal’ benefits of laughter, with a healthy body and mind balance? Although we are being bias with the sport of hockey, the fact is that any form of exercise can help release endorphins, pump blood through your veins while oxygenating the brain, and allow adrenaline to be put to positive use instead of coming out in the form of anxiety. But, for us, hockey is the sport of choice – and here’s why! The Quick Fix of

NHTC – Helping You Skate Into Summer Safely Without Foregoing FUN!

National Training Hockey Centre – or NHTC, as we like to call it, would like to help our immediate and neighbouring communities skate into summer safely without foregoing FUN! We have put a lot of thoughtful consideration into every stage of our re-opening process, and you all have been amazing gracious and willing team-players every step of the way. As a reflection of that – our courses and ice rentals have been 100% filled for June. There is still a chance to get into one of our many Langley ice rental options for hockey and ringette throughout the summer months

Hockey Life in Canada – Reopening!

NHTC couldn’t be more thrilled about reopening our rink, with the approved blessing of Fraser Health! The support via parents and our regular ice rental teams has been amazing, and we appreciate the patience our community has shown while we all managed differently, but in gracious Canadian fashion. So thank you. As we move forward with our reopening, we also have new regulations and safety measures that will be implemented as follows. New Ice Rink Regulations in Langley Regulations, set out by the Fraser Health, allows us to currently be open for private lessons and very small groups, with various

Positive Ways to Help Young Hockey Players from Home

Whether you’re a parent of an athlete or not, keeping a positive mindset and maintaining a healthy body is important for everyone. However, as a hockey training facility in Langley, we want to gear this blog towards young hockey players; helping you uncover simple ways for your future NHL star to create a positive mental space, while enhancing their hockey skills from home! Improve Mental and Physical Endurance with Running Endurance plays a big part in any sport, and hockey is no exception. Quick burst of energy are needed on the ice throughout a game, so helping build that endurance,

The Importance of Improving Skating Skills and Basic Fundamentals in Hockey

The sport of hockey is a fast paced game – both in ones ability to think quickly on their feet, as well as the agility to move quickly in their skates. Which is why learning proper skating techniques and gaining sound fundamentals creates a better base for athletic performance. From Minor Hockey to the Big Leagues – Technique Travels Far From minor hockey straight through to the NHL, hockey players work on their skating skills throughout their career, regardless of what level hockey they play. Strong skating fundamentals is foundational for hockey players, and one immediate payoff of being a strong skater early

Spring is Almost Here …and so is Spring Hockey!

For many players, spring hockey is the most exciting time of the season. It involves a higher level of development and play for the driven players who are serious about the game, and fun 3-3 or spring leagues for those who want to keep playing after the minor hockey season, but with a little more emphasis on fun! At our National Hockey Training Centre, all of these options are available – and we expect to be very busy over the spring season. Our spring break camps and programs are always full and sold out, so don’t wait for the groundhog to secure your spot

How To Enhance Your Child’s Sleep Routine

With the first week of 2020 well underway, we seem to be collectively adjusting to new sleep patterns with our post-holiday alarm clocks returning us to early waking hours. And as any parent knows – a sleep deprived household makes for a more stressful environment. Not only does sleep play an important role in a healthy home and lifestyle; proper sleeping patterns also set your child up for better success at school and in their sports performance. Which is why NHTC would like to offer you both the understanding as a hockey parent, and some simple tips on ‘How To

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