Skating, Hockey & Figure Skating: The Benefits of Private Training for Athletes

Whether you have a child interested in excelling at skating, hockey or figure skating; there are many benefits to private training for athletes that we want to share. And with summer in full-swing, our private training classes are up and running, with an amazing team of coaches ready to go! The Benefits of Private Training for Athletes Private training for athletes can provide numerous benefits. Here are some key advantage to choosing to train individually. Individualized Sessions Private training in sports allows for individualized sessions geared towards the areas an athlete wishes to improve upon. Both strengths and weaknesses can

Adult Fitness Classes in Langley: The Benefits of a Small Group Setting

Did you know NHTC offers a variety of Adult Fitness Classes in Langley? We do! All within a small group setting, helping you achieve your goals in a focused and effective way. The Benefits of a Small Group Setting Fitness Classes Adult fitness classes within a small group offer numerous benefits that can enhance physical health, motivation, social connections, and overall well-being. Here are some key advantages: Personalized Attention In a small group setting, fitness instructors can provide individualized attention and guidance. From form correction to technique adjustments, and personalized modifications based on individual needs, limitations or goals – providing

Langley Summer Kids Camps: 5 Benefits of Summer Sports Camps for Kids

If you live in the Fraser Valley and are seeking Langley Summer Kids Camps – you’ve found them! NHTC will be delivering a wide-range of camps for kids, teens AND adults this year, helping our community manage their summer schedule in a healthy and beneficial way. Check out these ‘5 Benefits of Summer Sports Camps for Kids’ – and kids at heart! 5 Benefits of Summer Sports Camps for Kids Summer sports camps can be a wonderful experience, and we want to share some of the reasons why. Summer sports camps can provide the opportunity to engage in physical activity

Langley Summer Hockey Camps: The Importance of Planning Ahead

At NHTC, we provide a variety of training camps throughout the year to appeal to a wide-range of athletes – including Langley Summer Hockey Camps. Whether the sport of choice is hockey, figure skating, power skating, or even learn to skate programs, our ice sports camps offer something for everyone. That being said, because there are limited spots available, now is the time to sign up for our Langley Summer Hockey Camps. They sell out quickly each year, and being ahead of the game can provide you with benefits beyond securing a position. The Importance of Planning Ahead Planning your

EPV: How End Point Visualization in Hockey Can Help Players Perform Better

EPV, or – End Point Visualization – is an essential tool that can help players perform better for many reasons. This is a technique utilized by some of Canada’s greatest coaches, as well as a concept presented by Dr. Brent Rushall. He taught the ‘backward shaping system’ for teaching a skill, and NHTC is proud to present Coach Vic Lindal implementing this system outside of our facilities. How End Point Visualization in Hockey Can Help Players Perform Better End point visualization is a technique used in hockey that involves players visualizing their game – so to speak. This technique is

Adult & Teen Skating Classes in Langley: Learning is Fun at Any Age!

Perhaps you never had the chance to learn to skate as a child. Whether you came from a place where the weather was not conducive with outdoor sports, or it simply was not on the agenda for your family; it is never too late to learn – and NHTC can help with our adult and teen skating classes in Langley! Learning is Fun at Any Age Learning to skate as an adult or teen can be fun for many reasons. It offers a new challenge and opportunity for physical activity, and provides a sense of accomplishment as you progress and

National Hockey Training Centre: Here to Help With Positive Play in 2023

At our National Hockey Training Centre (NHTC) here in Langley, we are proud to help promote positive play EVERY day of the year. And 2023 is going to only increase in that arena for many reasons. Whether through  Supporting Girls Hockey, introducing new programs such as Figure Skating, or helping our athletes create Positive Momentum through various high performance hockey training classes; NHTC is here to ensure that our community can play the game they love in a positive, productive and results-driven way! Helping Us Help You With Positive Play in 2023 Some of the exciting highlights we recently shared

Finish 2022 Strong & Begin 2023 by Creating Positive Momentum!

We can likely all agree that 2022 has been a much better year for our Langley community than the previous couple of years. And with most things on the upswing; we have the opportunity to finish the year strong by creating positive momentum for 2023. With only a few weeks left in December – NOW is our chance to set the stage for even better things to come, building positive momentum by ensuring we finish on a high note. Choose Your Mindset & Make 2023 Exceptional Mindset can make a massive difference in any person’s success. Whether that involves a

Introduction to Figure Skating: 2 Reasons Why Figure Skating is a Sought After Sport!

NHTC is excited to have recently re-launched our Introduction to Figure Skating class – courtesy of the talented Julie Jury Dunlop! Julie is the owner/founder of Winning Edge, and is a welcome addition to our coaching staff. With 38 years in the industry, Julie could easily tell you her reasons why she has a passion for figure skating – but we’re here to offer these ‘2 Reasons Why Figure Skating is a Sought After Sport!’. 2 Reasons Why Figure Skating is a Sought After Sport: How it Started, How it’s Going Figure skating first originated in the late 1700s – as

NHTC Proudly Supports Girls Hockey – Let’s Talk About It!

We recently posted on our social media platforms about Bauer Hockey’s announcement regarding a Hockey Bill of Rights as it pertains to females. An initiative that focuses on equal access and opportunity for females in hockey. At NHTC – we proudly support this initiative along with girls hockey. We are here to help raise up girls in the same positive culture that boys have been a part of for decades, pursuing excellence and honing the sport of hockey. Athleticism holds many great benefits and rewards, and being handed a medal is not the only measuring stick from which to gauge success.

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