Introduction to Figure Skating: 2 Reasons Why Figure Skating is a Sought After Sport!

NHTC is excited to have recently re-launched our Introduction to Figure Skating class – courtesy of the talented Julie Jury Dunlop! Julie is the owner/founder of Winning Edge, and is a welcome addition to our coaching staff. With 38 years in the industry, Julie could easily tell you her reasons why she has a passion for figure skating – but we’re here to offer these ‘2 Reasons Why Figure Skating is a Sought After Sport!’. 2 Reasons Why Figure Skating is a Sought After Sport: How it Started, How it’s Going Figure skating first originated in the late 1700s – as

NHTC Proudly Supports Girls Hockey – Let’s Talk About It!

We recently posted on our social media platforms about Bauer Hockey’s announcement regarding a Hockey Bill of Rights as it pertains to females. An initiative that focuses on equal access and opportunity for females in hockey. At NHTC – we proudly support this initiative along with girls hockey. We are here to help raise up girls in the same positive culture that boys have been a part of for decades, pursuing excellence and honing the sport of hockey. Athleticism holds many great benefits and rewards, and being handed a medal is not the only measuring stick from which to gauge success.

The Importance of Dryland / Off-Ice Hockey Training in Langley

Perhaps the importance of dryland training for your young athlete is not expressed enough. But at NHTC, we want to help our hockey parent community gain awareness of our off-ice hockey training in Langley. Thanks to the recent addition of the NHTC Academy, we have been able to further expand our ability for dryland training. This facility is able to help passionate athletes work towards their goals, and achieving goals is something that we too are passionate about. Which is why we have introduced multiple NHTC Academy synthetic and gym/strength classes too, to fit the growing needs of our hockey

How Team Sports Can Help Your Child Build Confidence and Combat Anxiety

Seeking to help your child build confidence and combat anxiety? We understand both the desire and the need, as it ranks high for most parents. Especially in today’s society where social pressures; both perceived and otherwise, have exploded – no thanks to social media. Finding positive outlets for kids matters, and NHTC is proud to be one of many local sports outlets that offers exactly that! Help Your Child Build Confidence Through Team Sports Regardless of what age you invest in a team sport for your child, it can provide many benefits that act as confidence boosters. Two of which

Hockey Coaches in Langley: Top 2 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Hockey Coach

At NHTC, we pride ourselves in providing a team of incredibly caring and greatly skilled hockey coaches in Langley. They have a reputation in the community, that the athletes who come into their care are equally challenged as they are encouraged to achieve their personal best. They are also tasked with tempering parents’ expectations of what their child’s ‘best’ may look like. Everyone has a personal best, and – depending on the age and skill level of each child, we work to push them beyond their comfort level into a training capacity that can take them further. So, what are

Fraser Valley Summer Hockey Camps: The Importance of Off-Season Training

Off-season training, regardless of the sport, is important for athletic development. Which is where our Fraser Valley summer hockey camps come in to help, with programs such as… Learn to Skate High Performance Training Power Skating 3 on 3 Hockey …and a handful of specialty camps – found here. Although we recognize that it is important to have a healthy balance of free-time and focused-time for kids and youth alike, summer hockey training offers your young athlete the added advantage of time away from school. In turn, this allows for focussed training surrounding their conditioning, endurance, strength and speed. Not

**NEW** NHTC Academy Hockey Rink: Half Day Summer Camps in Langley

NHTC is excited to have recently launched our NHTC Academy, along with a variety of options for half day summer camps in Langley! This newly acquired training and development facility is situated in the Walnut Grove area of Langley, near the Golden Ears Bridge – making it a convenient commute for parents and their young athletes from local and surrounding communities. With the help of our new training facility, we can help aspiring hockey players to reach their next level of training needs. Providing a variety of equipment, dryland style training, and coaches who deliver different training methods – all

Give Your Athlete an Assist: Fraser Valley Hockey Camps

Whether you are from Abbotsford, Mission, Surrey, Langley – or any of the surrounding communities; parents choose to bring their athletes to NHTC for good reason. Not only do we deliver amazing hockey training, ringette and ice-rental opportunities, we also offer Fraser Valley Hockey Camps for every age and stage of your child’s athletic development. Hockey Season: The Sport That Never Stops Although the minor hockey season technically ends by the summer, hockey is a sport that can benefit from training all year round. And with so many Covid-19 restrictions finally lifting, parents and kids alike are ready to get

Shoot to Score! Summer Hockey Camps in Langley

Setting one’s self up for success through deliberate preparation, followed up with consistency, and enhanced by both acquired skills and natural talent – is a ‘shoot to score’ mentality, so to speak. Which is where our summer hockey camps in Langley come in to help with such preparedness for success. Not only are these camps a lot of fun; an imperative part in keeping your child engaged in hockey, but they are also riddled with athletic training advancement opportunities! Summer Hockey Camps in Langley Coming summer of 2022, NHTC will be offering our Elite Summer Training Programs. These training programs

Sunny Days Ahead! Register Now for Hockey Summer Training in the Fraser Valley

Those of us from the Lower Mainland are all well-aware of how often we talk about the weather. To us, it’s not ‘small talk’. Rather, it is the biggest conversation going amongst friends and strangers alike, as we all wait upon sunny days with almost comedic anticipation. Although, aside from setting our sights on sunshine for the warm glow alone this summer, NHTC would also like to encourage our community to register now for hockey summer training in the Fraser Valley. From Ice Rentals to Hockey School Programs, Private Hockey Training to Learn to Skate Programs – our summer training time-slots always fill up fast, so don’t

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